Version 2.0 released screenshotThis March (2010) released version 2.0 of their giant clipart library. It contains over 24,000 public domain images in *.svg and *.png format. The zip format is a 417 MB download. [Download link]

SVG stands for scaleable vector graphic. That means that the graphics are vector based and that when scaled to larger sizes, they do not pixelate as do *.gif, *.png and *.jpg files. The image below is from a Wikipedia article about SVG and offers a good example.

scalable vector graphic demo

As of 2009, all major web browsers support *.svg images inside the <img> tag except for Internet Explorer. Click on the attached *.svg file at the end of this message to see if your browser supports *.svg. The file below does not display inside of a Drupal post because Drupal does not yet support *.svg as an image file. There are several groups working on this problem.

A great software tool for creating and editing *.svg files is Inkscape. It's free and runs on Linux, MAC and Windows workstations.

Inkscape sample

tomas_arad_home.svg8.51 KB