Budget for Forest Grove School District 1:1 Pilot

Forest Grove has invested much of the time since the mini-conference in Eugene identifying the infrastructure that is needed to effectively run the 1:1 pilot at Tom McCall. Our goal is to leave approximately 33% of the total budget for the pilot for the second year. This will be difficult given that there are significant ramp-up costs involved. We have divided our budget into three main areas: hardware, software and professional development.

FGSD Laptop Pilot Program by NWRESD

Forest Grove Schools administrators learn how to use laptop computersForest Grove Schools Superintendent Jack Musser and Principal Al Rogers attended training this week as new participants in the Oregon Intel One to One Laptop Project. Sixty students at Tom McCall Upper Elementary School learned on Tuesday that they would all recieve new laptop computers as part of a pilot project funded by Intel and the Oregon Department of Education.

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CamStudio - screen capture to Flash utility

camstudio image

Camstudio is a GPL licensed utility that let's you quickly and easily create flash videos of what's happening on your screen. When combined with microphone input, you can create mini-howto software demonstrations.

Oregon 1:1 Computing Project Overview

Gateway laptopThe NWRESD is one of three educational service districts selected to participate in the Oregon 1:1 Computing Project.

The Initial Program will establish three six grades (entire sixth grade in a single building, not necessarily district wide) for the implementation of a 1 to 1 computing initiative. Students and teachers in the successful responses will be provided a laptop, support services, and infrastructure to reach the following objectives: [from http://k12partners.org/about/1to1]

  1. To increase student achievement and improve students’ 21st Century Skills.
  2. To increase technology use and literacy with students, teachers, administrators and communities.
  3. To increase communication and involvement between and among teachers, students, families and the community.
  4. To improve the teaching and learning process through the innovative uses of technology and instructional design.
  5. To contribute to the research base on the use of wireless mobile computing devices on student achievement.

Any of the 20 NWRESD member districts may apply to participate in the program. Only one district/school will be selected. Applications are due at 5pm on Monday, October 30.

Download application: [ MS Word format | OpenOffice format ]

For more information please contact Paul Nelson pnelson@nwresd.k12.or.us.


NWRESD Media Service Center

Roxanne Bartlett

Roxanne Bartlett manages the NWRESD Media Service Center. The media center is home to over 12,000 VCR tapes and DVDs that are loaned to schools in 4 counties. Daily courier runs deliver media and science kits to Washington county schools. The Clatsup, Columbia and Tillamook service centers receive deliveries twice a week. New this year are a good selection of Spanish language videos and a set of human body models for use in science classes.

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Four questions to ask about your schools and computer technology

  • What are we getting for our money?
  • Does technology improve leaning?
  • Does technology help us be more productive as managers of schools?
  • How can we plan for the future?

What are you getting for your money? (We'll cover the next three questions in future articles.)

Free Clipart - OpenClipart.org

OpenClipArt.org is the place to go for free clipart.

This is a great project. All the clipart is published under the Creative Commons No Rights Reserved license. This means that all the art is in the public domain and you can do anything with it. There is a Windows installer you can dlownload and versions of the complete clipart archive in several different compressed file formats.

All of the images are saved in *.png and *.svg formats. SVG stands for scalable vector graphics. This means that you can load these files into Inkscape or Scribus and scale them. Using inkscape you can ungroup many of the more complicated images and edit them. All computer operating systems can read *.png and *.svg files so you can use these images on any computer.

Inkscape runs on Linux and Windows. Scribus runs on Linux and Mac OSX.

GIMP - Free Graphics Software for Mac, Win, Linux

It's not PhotoShop but then again, it doesn't cost several hundred dollars. It's free software and it's a great image editor. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. GNU means it's free software in terms of price and the code is free to be improved by volunteers. That's exactly what's been happening for the last 10 years. The GIMP does just about everything a photo student needs to do and it runs on Linux, Macintosh and Windows computers. You can download your free copy from GIMP.org.

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