Sample Administrative Policies

The OPEN Clearinghouse has sample Internet policies for Oregon schools. On the same site you'll also find A Legal and Educational Analysis of K-12 Internet Acceptable Use Policies, good reading for schools working on acceptable use policies.

Legal guide for student bloggers - Electronic Frontier Founcation

The Bloggers' FAQ on Student Blogging addresses legal issues arising from student blogging. It focuses on blogging by high school (and middle school) students, but also contains information for college students.

Free Clipart - is the place to go for free clipart.

This is a great project. All the clipart is published under the Creative Commons No Rights Reserved license. This means that all the art is in the public domain and you can do anything with it. There is a Windows installer you can dlownload and versions of the complete clipart archive in several different compressed file formats.

All of the images are saved in *.png and *.svg formats. SVG stands for scalable vector graphics. This means that you can load these files into Inkscape or Scribus and scale them. Using inkscape you can ungroup many of the more complicated images and edit them. All computer operating systems can read *.png and *.svg files so you can use these images on any computer.

Inkscape runs on Linux and Windows. Scribus runs on Linux and Mac OSX.

NWOnline - Course Management System - Online course management system is now online for Fall 2006. The web site provides course delivery, grade management and remote learning options for students and teachers.

NWOnline screenshot

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