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Using Your Drupal Site (pdf) - new, updated guide with a section for general use as well as a section for admins.

Blogging on a Drupal site (pdf) - how to use the blogging feature of Drupal.  Some teachers may be using blogging instead of pages - if so this guide is useful.


Using Google Docs to publish a newsletter on Drupal

Two ways to add files to posts

How To: Import Users into Drupal

You can mass import users into Drupal, so that you don't have to create dozens of accounts by hand.  Here is how:

1. Create a spreadsheet with column headers of username, email, and password.

2. In each column put the appropriate username, email and password for the user.  Normally we use a generic password that the user then changes upon logging in (this is part of new user training normally).

3. Save your spreadsheet as a csv

4. On your Drupal site, log in as the site admin.  Go to Administer > User Management > User Imports

5. Click Import.

6. Start by uploading your file.

7. AFTER uploading your file you will be prompted to match fields in your csv file with Drupal fields.  For username you should select the --------- and "1" in the username drop-down.  Make sure none of the other fields have a username drop-down option selected.  See below:

8. Under Options, pick the options you want to set.  Make sure to click Activate Accounts, otherwise the users will show up as Blocked and will have to be manually unblocked by the site editor.

9. Check off any Roles you want the users to have.

10. Optionally, you can set up a welcome email that will be sent to the user, and can also assign them to a group if using Organic Groups.

11. At the bottom of the page click Test to test the import and look for errors. Or, just click Import.  (Once you've tested the import process you'll be able to click Import.)


Drupal How-to - Adding images with IMCE

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